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About Our Smart Home and Building Technology Solutions


Sunisle Technology Solutions’ Smart Home and Building technology is a new service provided by a 20 year information technology veteran and leader in network security with fresh focus on making the day to day management of homes and businesses affordable, secure as well as smart.

Our belief is that the home should be a safe harbour from the dangers of the outside world. Whether it’s protecting your loved ones from physical threats, by having threat-monitoring that’s linked to security first responders, or removing the opportunity for hackers looking to steal your identity or worse, you should feel confident in a world where despite threats are everywhere, your home through technology is secure and reliable.

What is The Sunisle Smart Building Experience?

At the heart of your solution is the ability to manage your Smart Home and security, all from a smartphone, for free. With your Smart Home you can control temperature, locks, lights and more, right from your mobile device, simplifying your life and making it easier to achieve peace of mind. You are also able to monitor the kids and their TV time on days you work late.

Sunisle’s SHBTS can alert you when your children have arrived home safely by notifying you that the door has been unlocked or that their key fob is present. You can also install a motion-activated camera to keep an eye on them until you arrive home and with the assistance of a smart plug for the TV, you can limit homework distractions from your mobile device.