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We deliver the best Brand in Network Security

We deliver the best Brand in Network Security

Sunisle Technology Solutions, is the small company with a big vision who has the temperament to get network security projects done whether small or large. We have the responsiveness to migrate against small network threats to zero day attacks.

Sunisle isn’t a bandwagon ‘solutionist’ we are the forefront of emerging technology that is the right mixture for the Caribbean experience. That’s why we choose Fortinet; from day one Fortinet had the right idea be a ‘Swiss Army knife’ of security for businesses with a multidisciplinary approach to seeing network threat with the right price.

When you work with us you gain access to a diverse range of resources including Fortinet that allow you to customize a solution for your unique IT security needs. The ability to assemble the right-sized professional team to implement and service that solution quickly, effectively and expertly, is what defines us.

Our network security expertise is built upon two key pillars, one Fortinet and the fact that we’re the longest serving Fortinet solution providers in the Eastern Caribbean going back to 2006 and the strength of our certified Fortinet engineers.

As Fortinet grows even more popular within the region companies don’t want a ‘Pump n Dump’ solution provider. That is, a company that forces you to spend unnecessary money on a solution only to leave you when it’s implemented.

Companies that value their security and operation require expert technical resources to work along with them to scope their actual requirements, and to effectively complete a product implementation with minimal issues and stay on top of their needs as time goes on.

Our consultants are available at a per-day rate or per project according to a predefined schedule and a statement of work defining clear deliverables. This is developed and agreed upon between Sunisle Technology Solutions and the customer prior to commencement of the consulting engagement.

Experienced consultants will work directly with the customer to ensure the efficient execution of the project according to the statement of work agreement.

Complex security implementations require focused planning, thorough testing, effective knowledge transfer and seamless management. Sunisle Technology Solutions can provide a broad range of technical and project management services to insure projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Methodology includes four standard lifecycle phases:

  • Architecture and Design Services
  • Implementation and Deployment Services
  • Transition Services which may include knowledge transfer
  • Operational Services – After sales support which includes a service level agreement.

Key Solution Features:

Experienced Consultants – Sunisle has certified, highly-skilled engineering resources that can solve difficult technical issues and deploy complex architectural designs and implementations.

Direct and Fast Interface into Fortinet – Our professional service consultants have direct access to Fortinet engineers and support resources to ensure a complete, precise, and timely solution and a successful service engagement.