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The Caribbean is a region of small businesses. The majority of these businesses, especially in Barbados, employ less than twenty persons. We must acknowledge that the region is small and so are our businesses. This should not be regarded as a matter of concern, but rather be seen as a recognition that with the right technology partner, smallness allows the region to become more agile and globally competitive.

With Sunisle on your team, we will make your business more innovative, quick to respond to changing environments and opportunities, and as a consequence more productive. We know you need an Information Technology partner that understands your needs and offers tailored solutions that get the job done, without being overly complicated or expensive.The primary reason why we are satisfied that Sunisle will be a good fit for your business, is due to the fact that we are also a small business.

Established in 1996, Sunisle Technology is a Microsoft® trained and certified Small Business Specialist partner, and over the past twenty-one years has been led by our principal consultant Steven Williams. The company continues to retain proven experts in the field of Information Technology and it understands the importance of Information Technology to the success of small businesses.

We are encouraging you to permit us to visit your organization, to discuss and help you better understand and solve your Information Technology challenges where they exist, and offer you that necessary spark for growing your business. That initial consultation with our Information Technology Certified Professional is free.

Sunisle fully understands the challenge small businesses face around the region, particularly during these tough economic times which require small businesses to work harder and achieve more with less resources. This in turn affects pricing/budget issues, and therefore a business like Sunisle must offer affordable and flexible IT support options to permit businesses to works with minimal interference, while maintaining peace of mind.

Sunisle would be your One Stop Business IT Support Partner that understands the needs of your business, providing the strategic IT direction, as well as providing day-to-day business IT support and maintenance.

Why Our Customer Like Us

• Affordable IT Support Services
• Premium services on an affordable monthly budget (Antivirus, Webhosting, Email Hosting, Data Backup)
• No Contract obligation
• Network Disaster recovery plans
• Always available on Phone and Emails
• Proactive and Friendly Support Team
• Over twenty-one years in the IT Industry

We are best-in-class when it comes to Small Business IT support in Barbados. But what exactly are we known for? It is simply delivering enterprise features and support on a shoe string budget.
You don’t have to sit in frustration any longer, contact us today to find the best services plan that meets your needs.

Desktop & Internet Application Development


Internet Application Development

In today’s global economy businesses have to become more dynamic and internationally driven therefore companies are taking their business processes online in the form of web applications – software programs that run on the Internet. In order to make this leap, your company needs to have a team of developers well versed in the latest and most powerful tools available for web application design. Sunisle’s web application development team uses only the most secure and flexible web technologies to help you realize your company’s vision.

Let our skilled developers help you create an application that allows you to spend more of your resources on developing stronger customer relationships, instead of the everyday, mundane tasks of running your company.

Desktop Application Development

How many times have you gone to your local software store or searched online looking for an application to help your company, but could not find one that was tailored to your needs?

Sunisle’s software service is the solution to your problem. Our application development team will provide the systems analysis than design the appropriate application that will fit into your company’s business process flawlessly. One perks of having Sunisle develop a custom application is that you own the final product which includes authorization to alter the code.

About Our Smart Home and Building Technology Solutions


Sunisle Technology Solutions’ Smart Home and Building technology is a new service provided by a 20 year information technology veteran and leader in network security with fresh focus on making the day to day management of homes and businesses affordable, secure as well as smart.

Our belief is that the home should be a safe harbour from the dangers of the outside world. Whether it’s protecting your loved ones from physical threats, by having threat-monitoring that’s linked to security first responders, or removing the opportunity for hackers looking to steal your identity or worse, you should feel confident in a world where despite threats are everywhere, your home through technology is secure and reliable.

What is The Sunisle Smart Building Experience?

At the heart of your solution is the ability to manage your Smart Home and security, all from a smartphone, for free. With your Smart Home you can control temperature, locks, lights and more, right from your mobile device, simplifying your life and making it easier to achieve peace of mind. You are also able to monitor the kids and their TV time on days you work late.

Sunisle’s SHBTS can alert you when your children have arrived home safely by notifying you that the door has been unlocked or that their key fob is present. You can also install a motion-activated camera to keep an eye on them until you arrive home and with the assistance of a smart plug for the TV, you can limit homework distractions from your mobile device.

Digital Marketing


The term ‘strategy’ might seem intimidating, but simply it’s just a plan of action to achieve a desired goal, or multiple goals and Sunisle integrated digital strategy will give the you our client cohesive direction for all the key online marketing activities. One where all digital touch points are synchronized.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to expand your online presence it’s essential that each and every channel of any internet marketing plan are closely aligned and all strategically working towards the same final goal.

We begin by designing an internet marketing approach that is based around your business targets. We don’t make bold claims and we won’t offer you a service that won’t directly help to achieve your aims.

Take a look at the various services we offer to learn how approach to integrated internet marketing can help your company. If you would like to chat to us directly, get in touch with one of the team using the number at the top of the page.

Social Media

Social Media has changed how brands communicate with their audiences forever. Whether your business is a B2B or B2C brand, social media is a powerful way to build brand awareness, build a positive image, and drive lead generation. More than 1 billion people use social media every day, and platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Snapchat have sophisticated advertising platforms that can help you grow your audience.
We specialize in strategic social media campaigns that focus on building and protecting a positive brand image, creating loyalty among fans, and driving new leads for your business. Our full suite of social media services includes:
• Social Strategy Development
• Social Media Consulting
• Social Media Advertising
• Community Engagement
Our approach ensures that you understand the true ROI of your social media efforts, and our team works tirelessly to improve the return on your investment in social media.



VoIP, pronounced “voype,” stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is simply a method for transmitting voice calls over a packet-based data network like the Internet. As you’re talking, your voice gets sampled, grouped into data packets and sent over an Internet network.

Whether your business has 10 employees at a single site or hundreds of employees at multiple sites, traditional phones lines, VoIP lines, T1 or T1/PRI, Target & Allworx have a solution designed to impress every customer. Allworx makes it effortless to communicate.

All of their systems are designed and manufactured with primary attention on Innovation, Value, Reliability, Customer Focus and Quality.  The result is that rare and unique combination of products that meets your needs today and tomorrow, works every day without interruption, has capabilities beyond others, lasts for generations and provides cost savings from the very first day.

New Allworx Verge IP Phones

Allworx has just released Verge™, a new class of mobile-first IP phones for businesses.

Verge IP phone family includes two models and an expander:

Verge 9312 – 12 self-labeling programmable function buttons, Gigabit Ethernet, 4.3-inch color screen, Bluetooth® wireless support and Verge 9318Ex Expander support

Verge 9308 – 8 self-labeling programmable function buttons, Gigabit Ethernet and 3.5-inch color screen

Verge 9318Ex – Expander with 18 self-labeling programmable function buttons and a 4.3-inch color screen; up to three can be added to a Verge 9312 IP phone

Verge IP phones offer key mobility integration features including:

  • Real-time contact syncing across Verge IP phones, mobile devices (via Reach mobile application) and MS Outlook (via Interact Professional PC application)
  • Instant call handoff to and from Verge IP phones and mobile devices (via Reach)
  • Remote control of Verge IP phones using mobile devices (via Reach)
  • Bluetooth mobile call appearance (available in Verge 9312 IP phone only)

[Information Source: Target Distributing]

Downloadable Allworx Brochures




Secure Your Networks

Small to Medium seize businesses often lack the infrastructure to meet the technical sophistication of today’s complex blended-attack methods and remote offices/branch offices often lack the on-site expertise to tackle such complex security issues. Desktop-based security solutions are inadequately equipped to protect against these types of attacks because of the multitude of attack methods used.

Sunisle Technology Solutions consulting services offer specialized security expertise to the Small to Medium (SMB) seize enterprises that improve security and manage the risks to your most critical information and technology assets.

Network security ensures the integrity and reliability of your corporate data. Our network specialist will identify the threats and risks that could impact the ability of your organization to protect your data and implement the right strategies and equipment to prevent a loss of data to you or your customers.

In addition, Sunisle uses Fortinet’s series of security appliances tightly integrate multi-threat protection onto a purpose-built platform to effectively block today’s application- and network borne attacks—attacks that can cost you lost productivity and lost revenue.

Network security violations can be devastating to businesses. Intellectual property, revenue, customer and company records, and other mission critical resources are at risk. As large companies begin to lock down their networks, more and more security threats are being targeted at small companies let Sunisle help protect your business operation.

Specific security solutions include:

  • Firewall Design and Installation
  • Virus Protection
  • Content Filtering
  • Spam Control
  • Network Security Audit
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Network Assessment

Effective and Efficient Security

To be effective against today’s evolving threat landscape, your security solution needs to reliably control network traffic through awareness of applications, users, and content. To be efficient, it needs to be consolidated, simple to manage, and easily scalable.

FortiGate/FortiWiFi entry-level next gen firewalls enable and secure your organization with:

  • Top-rated protection tested by NSS Labs, Virus Bulletin, and AV Comparatives
  • Simplified security with easy-to-manage, single-platform solution
  • Deep visibility and granular control of applications, devices, and users
  • Actionable reports to enforce policies, understand targeted attacks, and meet compliance

Fortinet entry-level next gen firewalls


[Information Source: Fortinet]

FortiGate 90-60 Series

The new FortiGate 60E, powered by our latest SOC3 ASIC is now available!

FortiGate 90 – 60 series appliances deliver up to 3.5 Gbps of firewall throughput, plus multiple, integrated 1 GE ports. This combination of performance, port density, and consolidated security features offers an ideal platform for small and medium businesses as well as distributed enterprises.

FortiGate 50-30 Series

The FortiGate 50 – 30 series appliances deliver up to 2.5 Gbps of firewall throughput plus multiple, integrated 1 GE ports. This combination of performance, port density, and consolidated security offers an ideal platform for branch locations.

The Brand


Sunisle Technology Solution is the technical prowess of is we provide wireless Internet solutions, server and hosting solutions along with firewall, network solutions and application development services. is a digital marketing and media services brand of Cinestream Media Distribution Inc. (CMDI) dedicated to sports. is a technology service built around the global impact of the Internet (websites, Social Media, Mobile apps, secure networks and live streaming) has had on Sports.

We deliver the scalability and reliability for live sports games, events, scores, stats, shows and more. Surrounding our technology is an extensive engineering, product development and operational team.

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